Motorcycle Safety & Driving

Tips for Motorists

Motorists must share the road with a variety of vehicles, including motorcycles. Motorcycle usage is growing in popularity and these machines are often hidden in a vehicle's blind spot or missed in a quick look due to their smaller size. Drivers should use the following tips when driving around motorcycles:

  • Look for Motorcycles:
    • Search traffic around the vehicle while driving and expect to see motorcycles.
    • Check blind spots before changing lanes or merging. Window and door frames can easily block a driver's view of a motorcycle.
    • Double check traffic at intersections before proceeding.
    • When turning left, take a second look for motorcycles. Most crashes between cars and motorcycles occur when cars turn left.
  • Give Motorcyclists Rooms:
    • Do not drive alongside a motorcycle in your lane. It is unsafe and illegal. Only motorcycles can share lanes.
    • Be aware that motorcyclists use all of their lane - and sometimes change lanes - to avoid hazards such as debris, potholes, or grooved pavement.
    • Allow a three or four second "space cushion" when following motorcycles.
  • Stay Focused on Driving:
    • Focus on the road - avoid distractions, such as cell phones and texting while driving.

Motorcycle Safety

The Michigan Department of State administers the Michigan Motorcycle Safety Program. For more information about motorcycle safety and classes, visit the State of Michigan's Motorcycle Riders page.

Remember: It is a law in the State of Michigan that all motorcyclists, whether driving or a passenger, must wear a helmet at all times.