Handicap Parking Information

Disability Parking History From the Michigan Secretary of State

The Secretary of State issued the first disability parking license plate in 1974 and the first disability placard in 1977. Before 1977, Michigan State Police administered the placard program, which began in 1949 with the return of World War II veterans. In 1995, the Michigan Legislature revised the guidelines for issuing disability parking placards and established a new certification process for obtaining free parking privileges to curb abuses of the program. The Secretary of State is proud of its long tradition of administering the disability parking program and will continue to work with the traffic safety community, law enforcement officials, legislators, disability advocacy groups, businesses, and the public to maintain the highest level of program integrity possible.

Handicap Parking Guidelines

Parking in a handicapped parking space is a privilege that is reserved for handicapped persons who properly display a valid plate or permit. Michigan Law requires all three of the following to legally park in a handicapped parking space: (Michigan Compiled Laws [MCL] 257.67 and.675). Marshall City Ordinance 73.01(19) supports the State of Michigan on the following:

  • The person with the disability must be in the process of being transported in the vehicle which is utilizing the placard;
  • There must be a valid handicapped placard or special registration plate; and
  • The handicap permit or handicap plate must be displayed property. Permits must be displayed on the interior rearview mirror of the vehicle; or, if there is no interior rearview mirror, on the lower left corner of the dashboard when the vehicle is parked.

Failure to comply with all three may result in the issuance of a parking violation. Even if you are handicapped and have a valid handicapped permit, you are illegally parked if it is not properly displayed. Parking across blue stripes is illegal, and a parking violation may be issued. This is not a handicap parking spot!

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Citations & Fines

Fines/fees for parking in a handicapped designed area can run from $10 to $250, depending upon the infraction. If a fine is not paid within seven days of issuance, a $2 late fee is applied. If the fine is not paid within 30 days, a warning letter will be sent to your address stating that the fine has doubled in price. If the citation remains unpaid after an additional 30 days, a ticket will be issued to the 10th District Court a failure to pay and all further contact and fine amounts will be handled through this court system.

If you have any questions or concerns about handicapped parking, please feel free to contact the Marshall Police Department at 269-781-2596.