Traffic Safety

traffic safety program

Road Patrol Officers use a two-part system to determine where to focus their directed patrols each week:

1. Traffic Monitors

These fixed units are deployed in various locations throughout the City for several days at a time. Once collected, officers can obtain and analyze data from the comprehensive reports that include:

- Total number of vehicles observed during the deployment period

- Total number of 'speeders', separated by approaching and receding vehicles, and a breakdown of low, high, and average speeds

- Peak hours for 'speeders' in that given location

2. Citizen Complaints

Traffic Complaint Form

Distracted driving

Here are some helpful links to help you learn about Michigan's Distracted Driving (aka Hands-Free) law:

1. Hands-free flyer

2. Distracted driving law

Bicycle Rules & Regulations

Rules and Regulations for bicyclists have been adopted by the State of Michigan and the City of Marshall for your safety and the safety of others. Please obey these rules to avoid accidents.

State Law

Under the State law, you are required to:

  1. Ride on the permanent and regular seat.
  2. Keep both hands on the handle bars.
  3. Do not carry any other person on the bicycle.
  4. Ride not more than two abreast.
  5. Always ride on the right hand side of the street.
  6. Have a bell or other device that can be heard 100 feet away.
  7. At night, have a lamp on the front visible for 500 feet and reflector or red light on the rear, visible for 300 feet.
  8. Obey all traffic regulations such as green and red lights, stop signs, and hand signals.
  9. Do not use a siren or whistle.
  10. Do not hitch onto any other vehicle.
  11. Brakes, when applied, should be able to skid wheels.

City Ordinance

Under the City Ordinance, you are required to:

  1. Have a City license and license plate. The plate must be on your bicycle at all times.
  2. Have license transferred if you sell your bicycle. The license goes with the bicycle. There is no charge for making the transfer.
  3. Obey all State of Michigan laws.
  4. Park bicycles against the curb, in a rack, or against a building in an upright position, not sprawled out on the sidewalk. Do not obstruct entrances to buildings or stairways. Do not lean them against store windows.
  5. Do not ride on sidewalks on Michigan Avenue between Grand and Exchange Streets.
  6. Give warning and be sure you are heard before passing anyone on a sidewalk where you are permitted to ride.
  7. Ride in a straight line and give proper signals when turning.
  8. Persons under 12 years of age cannot ride in the street on Michigan Avenue between Grand and Exchange Streets, except to cross at the intersections.


It's fun on a bike - but don't get hurt or hurt anyone else.

Ride carefully at all times. Obey the Bicycle Laws which were made for your safety and the safety of others.

Parents may prevent possible accidents or injury to their children while riding bicycles by making sure their children know the above rules and regulations and obey them; also, by checking the bicycle to make sure the bicycle is property equipped and in good condition.

If you have any questions or concerns about bicycle safety or wish to speak with an officer regarding bicycle rules and regulations, please call the Marshall Police Department at 269-781-2596, Monday through Friday, 8 am to 4 pm. The office is closed on holidays.