Pre-Development Meetings

Prior to beginning any development process in the City, applicants are encouraged to meet with city staff for a conceptual review meeting This meeting can assist with ensuring a smooth approval process one a formal application is submitted. Please submit the Pre-Submittal Meeting Application (PDF) to Eric Zuzga by email to request a conceptual review.

In order to make the best use of the meeting, the following items should be provided to staff:

  • Location
  • Existing Use
  • Intended Development
  • Preliminary Sketches
  • Any other available information

At the meeting, City staff will:

  • Review the proposed use for conformance with existing zoning ordinance
  • Provide initial feedback on design
  • Identify the correct process and ensure that the applicant understands the process and gains an understanding of what to expect
  • Discuss any potential incentives available to the project
  • Answer any other questions the applicant may have