Hydrant Flushing

2023 fall hydrant flushing status

hydrant flushing information

The Water Department will begin hydrant flushing on Friday, September 15, 2023 in the southeast section of town. The map above identifies each hydrant (blue dot) and the order in which they will be flushed (green numbers).  Users can zoom in on the map to see details of hydrants adjacent to their property of interest. As hydrants are flushed the dot representing each hydrant will turn green.

Hydrant flushing is conducted twice a year in the Spring and Fall. This is a preventative maintenance process that allows operators to ensure each hydrant is functioning correctly and cycles water through all the watermains in the system. The sequence of hydrant flushing is determined based on several factors including proximity to the Water Treatment Plant. Along with providing cleaning to the watermain, hydrant flushing provides an opportunity for the Water Department to test the the flow rate of hydrants. This information is important for understanding fire flows throughout our system and determining where watermain upgrades are needed should an increase in fire flow demand be requested by a new development or redevelopment of existing properties.