What is a Property Transfer Affidavit?

A Property Transfer Affidavit must be filed whenever real estate or some types of personal property are transferred (even if you are not recording a deed). It is used by the Assessor to ensure the property is assessed properly and receives the correct Taxable Value. It must be filed by the new owner with the Assessor for the City or Township where the property is located within 45 days of the transfer. If it is not filed timely, a penalty of $5 per day (maximum $200) applies. The information on this form is not confidential. Transfer of ownership means the conveyance of title or the beneficial use of the property. There are both partial and whole transfers of ownership. The Assessor's office will determine the correct percentage and uncap the Taxable Value accordingly. Please see the Taxable Value Calculation FAQ for more information.

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1. What is a Property Transfer Affidavit?
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