Leaf, Brush, and Bulk Trash

What is Leaf, Brush, and bulk Trash?map for four quandrants in City of Marshall

The City of Marshall residents support a dedicated millage to provide leaf pickup, brush pickup, and bulk trash pickup to properties annually. The brush pickup and bulk trash pickup are scheduled in the spring of each year while the leaf pickup occurs in the fall. 

Leaf Pickup

In the fall each year the Department of Public Works Operators conducts a leaf pickup. The pickup is done in two rounds throughout town in the fall sometime between October and December. The exact timing is determined each year as the weather changes and leaves start to fall. Operators work through leaf pickup in four sections starting in the southeast and moving clockwise around town.

Brush Pickup

Annually, in the Spring, the City conducts a brush pickup event. The event includes one round of pickup up usually in early April. Similar to leaf pickup, the work starts in the southeast section of town and moves clockwise around the center of town. The Annual Brush Pickup is for sticks, branches, logs, and bagged leaves. 

Bulk Trash Pickup

The bulk trash pickup is conducted annually in the spring. The program goal is to provide a service residents where bulk trash items can be disposed in a convenient way. This event encourages residents to keep their homes and property free of clutter and unsightly trash which ultimately keeps our City looking beautiful. The Annual Bulk Trash Pickup page has a complete list of rules and regulations.