December 05, 2021

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Building and Trade Permits

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ASHRAE 90.1-1999:Lighting Provisions ~586 KB

Minimum enegy efficiency requirements for commercial building design.

Affidavit of Gas Piping ~70 KB
Application for Barrier Free Design Rule Exception ~105 KB
Barrier Free Residential Units Type A and B ~104 KB
Building Permit Fees as of 2/6/2018 ~55 KB
New permit fees 2018
Climatic and Geographic Design Criteria ~64 KB
Commercial Building Permit ~125 KB
Contact for Complaints Regarding Manufactured Homes ~45 KB
Contractor Complaint Forms ~91 KB
Contractor Plan Review ~69 KB
Contractor Registration ~284 KB
Deck, Handrail, and Stairway Requirements ~301 KB
Diagrams for Brick Flashing ~439 KB
Dumpster Permit ~1130 KB
Egress Windows ~100 KB
Electric Permit 2019 ~379 KB
Excerpt from "Building Radon Out:Building Radon Resistant Homes" ~158 KB
Foundation Drainage Systems ~100 KB
Glazing Requirements ~81 KB
House Moving Application ~96 KB

When moving a structure within the City Limits, please use this application.  City Council approval is required.   Furthermore, a building permit, tap fees, and other permits may be required.

Lighting Compliance Form ~1067 KB
Manufactured Home Articles ~154 KB
Marshall's Historic Landmark District Registration Forms ~3075 KB
Mechanical Permit 2019 ~391 KB
Notice to Demo ~51 KB
DEQ and LARA notice to Demo
Plumbing Permit 2019 ~174 KB
Pool Requirements ~166 KB
Ramp Requirements ~189 KB
Residential Building Permit ~148 KB
Residential Wood Deck Construction Guide ~1682 KB

Wood Deck Info

Right of Way Permit ~195 KB
Water and Sewer Connection Permit ~224 KB