October 26, 2020

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City Clerk

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Board/Committee Application ~163 KB
2020 Boards/Commissions Listing ~32 KB
City of Marshall Precinct map ~275 KB
City of Marshall Ward Map ~268 KB
Conflicts of Interest Policy ~64 KB
Freedom of Information Request Form ~185 KB
General Guidelines-Michigan Open Meetings Act ~88 KB

The following document is a general guideline of the Michigan Open Meetings Act (Public Act 267 of 1976). This document does not contain all aspects of the Michigan Open Meetings Act. 

Go to the state of Michigan web site (www.michigan.gov) to download the Act in its entirety.


Marshall City Charter Index ~64 KB
Peddler & Solicitor Permit ~165 KB

All Peddlers & Solicitors need to register with the City Clerk; even if exempt from fees.   A Peddler is someone that travels and may enter upon residential property.