February 19, 2018

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Board/Committee Application ~163 KB
2017 Outdoor Market Vendor Fee Schedule ~34 KB

 Price list for vendor rental of market space. 

2017 Personal Property Statement Form L-4175 ~391 KB
2018 Energy Optimization Residential Application ~1033 KB
2018 Boards/Commissions Listing ~55 KB
2018 Energy Optimization Commercial/Industrial Application Form ~950 KB
Affidavit of Gas Piping ~70 KB
Affidavit of Landlord/Tenant Utility Agreement ~72 KB
Appeal form for Noxious Weeds ~227 KB
Application for Barrier Free Design Rule Exception ~105 KB
Application for Service ~76 KB
Automatic Bill Payment Enrollment Form ~21 KB
Bid Notice - Parking Structure Lighting ~958 KB
Bidder List Application ~18 KB
Building Permit 2017-Commercial ~338 KB
Building Permit 2017-Residential ~419 KB
Contractor Complaint Forms ~91 KB
Contractor's Registration ~304 KB
Donation Collection Bin Permit ~166 KB
Electric Permit-2017 ~369 KB
Existing Site Review Application ~172 KB
Facade Grant Application ~39 KB
Farmers Market Application Procedure ~44 KB

 Farmers' Market Application Procedure .  Steps to apply for a vendor position at the market. 

Farmers' Market Rules and Guidelines ~240 KB

 Rules and Guidelines for the operation of the Farmers' Market and its vendors.   

Farmers' Market Vendor Application ~83 KB

 Application form to be a vendor at the Farmers' Market.  

Freedom of Information Request Form ~185 KB
Hanger Lease Application ~116 KB
House Moving Application ~96 KB

When moving a structure within the City Limits, please use this application.  City Council approval is required.   Furthermore, a building permit, tap fees, and other permits may be required.

IFT Application-Affidavit of fees ~52 KB
Lighting Compliance Form ~1067 KB
MDOT Construction Permit Fee Schedule ~1441 KB
MDOT Sidewalk Cafe Permit ~634 KB
Market Calendar for the 2017 Outdoor Farmers' Market ~20 KB

 A listing of the dates the Farmers' Market will be open for the 2017 Outdoor Market.  Used to request dates vendors expect to be at the market. 

Marshall Tax Abatement Letter of Agreement for IFT ~139 KB
Marshall's Historic Landmark District Registration Forms ~3075 KB
Mechanical Permit-2017 ~51 KB
Mobile Food Vending Permit ~28 KB
Net Metering Application ~61 KB
Notice of Claim - Sewer Back Up Form ~54 KB
Oakridge Cemetery Map ~10666 KB
PUD Application ~184 KB

 Planned Unit Development

Peddler & Solicitor Permit ~165 KB

All Peddlers & Solicitors need to register with the City Clerk; even if exempt from fees.   A Peddler is someone that travels and may enter upon residential property.

Petition to Board of Review L-4035 ~60 KB
Plumbing Permit-2017 ~52 KB
Rental Rehabilitation Guidelines ~220 KB
Right of Way Permit ~191 KB
Sign Permit ~133 KB
Site Layout of the Marshall Area Farmers' Market ~21 KB

 A layout of the Farmers Market at 125 West Green Street in Marshall used to establish space assignments for seasonal vendors of the market. 

Site Plan Application ~315 KB
Special Conditions for Sidewalk Cafe Permits and for Display/Sale Merchandise (MDOT form) ~1342 KB
Special Land Use Application ~134 KB
Temporary Business Permit ~487 KB
Temporary Electric Service for Parks ~199 KB

Use this permit to get electricity turned on at various parks throughout the City.

Variance Application for ZBA 2016 ~238 KB
Volunteer Application Form ~133 KB

 Application  form to volunteer at the Farmers' Market 

ZBA Application ~164 KB
Zoning Amendment (Change Zoning) ~31 KB
Zoning Application for new or changing businesses ~82 KB
Citizen Complaint/Commendation
Farmers' Market Volunteer Opportunities