July 11, 2020

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Can I have an outdoor fire?

     There have been recent questions about open burning (fires) in Marshall.  In 1992 the citizens of Marshall voted to repeal the city ordinance that allowed open burning in the City of Marshall, since then it has been unlawful to have open burning in the City of Marshall.  There is an avenue to have certain types of burning in the City of Marshall, burning permits are able to be obtained from the fire department for certain commercial and agricultural reasons. 

     Fires to dispose of residential (yard) or agricultural waste are NOT permitted, and are the main reason for the burning complaints received and acted upon by the fire department. The types of debris that are commonly burned in these illegal fires can be brought to the Community Compost Center on Division Dr.


     You can have a cooking (camp) type fire in Marshall provided you notify the Fire Department at 781-3922 before burning.  Cooking fires must be made of seasoned dry fire wood, at least 50 feet from a structure, there must always be someone attending to the fire, there must be a way to extinguish the fire at hand (garden hose at the ready), and the property owner where the fire is taking place will be responsible for any damages that occur from the fire getting out of their control.  There may be certain circumstances when you will be asked to extinguish your cooking fire by the fire department such as red flag warnings from the MDNRE, please understand that the fire department is only concerned with your safety and the safety of the community as a whole.

posted 05-27-2010 [Fire]