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How do I learn more about the River District Overlay?


City Council approved Marshall's River District Overlay on December 21, 2009.

The River District encompasses a certain area of South Kalamazoo. This area is close to the river and within walking distance of downtown Marshall. During the formulation of the new Master Plan, the Planning Commission had a desire to "wake up" this area and help it realize it's full potential.

It all started with the new Master Plan (approved 2008). You can
view it here.

The River District encorporates most of the businesses along South Kalamazoo that would benefit from special zoning. To see this area on a map,
click here.

The Master Plan, completed by the Planning Commission in 2008, calls for the current commercial/industrial area on South Kalamazoo to become a “River District”. This would be a mixed-use area that would contain a concentration of entertainment, restaurant, retail, and office uses combined with residential and loft dwellings. Businesses in this district would be able to hold outdoor events and festivals working within certain guidelines. It is the goal of the River District to promote a wide variety of uses which promote community recreation, cultural events, and artistic enjoyment.

The intent of this project is to create flexibility in zoning in this area and to encourage destination marketing without taking any current rights or permitted uses away.

Read the entire River District Overlay Ordinance


Please call the Planning & Zoning Department at: (269) 558-0325 or send email to: 
tnelson@cityofmarshall.com if further information is needed.

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