August 14, 2022

Water Main Shut Down

Friday July 15, 2022 - Sunday July 17, 2022

Water will be shut down on July 15th on N. Kalamazoo and W. Mansion for replacement of valves and connection to new main at Prospect and Kalamazoo

In order to change inoperable valves at the Fountain Circle and on W. Mansion, the Water Dept. will have water shut down on Kalamazoo from the Fountain to Prospect and on Mansion from Kalamazoo to Eagle.  Notices will be sent to those water customers affected with instructions on how to use water once it is turned back on.  A boil water advisory will be in effect for the shut down area only for at least 48 hours after water is turned back on.  If a notice is not received by the water customer, then the boil water advisory does not affect that address.