October 26, 2020



February 10, 2017


The City of Marshall plans to offer fiber-optic internet to all residents and businesses.


The City of Marshall is in the process of creating a new Marshall Internet Department that will offer a state-of-the-art fiber-optic internet service to all city residents and businesses, including  the industrial park. The service will be branded as Marshall FiberNET and is planned to be available in 2017.


Marshall is at the forefront of this cutting-edge service as it will be only the second municipality in Michigan to bring such an advanced internet option to its community. You may have noticed that in recent weeks there have been outside companies looking to provide new internet options to parts of Marshall. In light of the Citys investment to bring fiber-optic  internet to all of Marshall in 2017, we strongly encourage anyone to refrain from signing new internet contracts with other vendors. Its important that our town supports and backs Marshall FiberNET in order for it to be deemed a success.


What does fiber-optic  internet mean for you? This forward-thinking and commitment  to Marshall will bring lightning-fast internet connections of 1gb upload and download speeds (1,000 times faster than cable internet).


Benefits of fiber-optic  internet include:

Significantly higher bandwidth  for HD video streaming, video calls, file sharing, cloud applications, etc.

Unsurpassed performance, reliability and security.

Outperforms  all satellite and cable internet systems.

Less likely to go down in a power outage.

A dedicated connection to your home or business (your internet line isn’t shared with your neighbors).

Real-time communication between offices and customers.

Increased productivity (cost savings).


Not only will residential homes and businesses alike benefit from this service, but it will be a major selling point when it comes to attracting new businesses and families to Marshall. We are excited about what this means for the future of our community. With our small town-charm and historic roots, your support can continue to propel Marshall into the future.  


The Marshall City Council has scheduled a public hearing to be held on Monday, March 20, 2017, at its regularly scheduled meeting. After the public hearing and public comment, the City Council may take action to approve or not approve the commencement of the fiber-to-the-premises project.


Questions? Please contact Ed Rice at 269-558-0329 or at erice@cityofmarshall.com