April 14, 2021

Building and Trade Permits

The City of Marshall building department has moved to remote work.

All permit applications are available online under resources.You may need to click on additional resources to find the application you need.

If at all possible, permit applications and inspection requests should be made by e-mail to meubank@cityofmarshall.com. An e-mail with an invoice will follow any permit requests, which can be paid on line here.

You can also submit applications and checks for payment by mail to 323 W Michigan Ave, Marshall, MI 49068 or drop in the drop box at the same address. Please note that mail will only be processed once per week, so you may experience a greater wait time if you choose to take this route.

You can still reach us by phone at 269-558-0322 for Michelle or 269-558-0357 for Tim during normal business hours. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we make this change. 


 Click here to see permit & tax information for a City of Marshall Property

(Log in by checking the "anonymous" box and on the next screen, type in the Marshall City address.)

The Department of Building Safety enforces the Michigan Building Codes as adopted by the State of Michigan as they pertain to all construction and alterations projects within the City. This department also enforces compliance with all local ordinances to ensure health, safety and welfare such as property maintenance complaints.

The City of Marshall has a full time building official/inspector and has subcontracted inspectors to complete inspections for plumbing, mechanical and electrical permits.  City inspectors are:  

  • Tim I. Musser, Building Official/Inspector/Plan Reviewer
  • Doug Scott, Electrical Inspector
  • Terry Thatcher, Plumbing and Mechanical Inspector

To schedule a Building, Electrical, Plumbing, or Mechanical Inspections, please call Michelle at:  (269)781.3985 ext 1501 or e-mail meubank@cityofmarshall.com 


For your convience, building permit invoices can now be paid online. You will need your permit information to be able to make a payment. There is the option for an online check or you can use a credit or debit card. Please note that all card type payments will incur a 3% processing fee.