January 28, 2020

Electric Department

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Net Metering Application ~61 KB
Joint Biennial Filing under PA 295 ~812 KB

2017 Joint Biennial Filing as required by Public Act 295

2019 Residential Energy Optimization Application ~229 KB

2019 Residential Energy Optimization Application

2017 MMEA Biennial Report for Energy Optimization ~812 KB
2019 Commerical Energy Optimization Application ~717 KB

2019 Commercial Energy Optimization Application

2018 Energy Optimization Annual Report ~272 KB

2018 Energy Optimization Annual Report as reported to the MSCPA.

Utility Rates ~999 KB
Temporary Electric Service for Parks ~199 KB

Use this permit to get electricity turned on at various parks throughout the City.

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If you have an Electrical Emergency please call (269) 781-8631


The City of Marshall Power Plant is located on the Kalamazoo River in Marshall, Michigan. Municipally owned and operated since 1893, the City of Marshall utility system is the third oldest hydroelectric utility system operating under its original ownership in the United States. In 1982, the Michigan South Central Power Agency (MSCPA), a municipally owned utility, formed to serve five member communities: Marshall, Clinton, Coldwater, Hillsdale and Union City. 

 Marshall provides competitive rates and reliable service to an average of 4,500 residential and 662 light industrial and commercial customers. Marshall's peak electric load is, on average, 26,912kw. Operated with 4 Power Plant staff and 10 electric distribution staff, the Electric Department provides safe and reliable electric service 24 hours a day and 7 days a week including a 45-minutes response time to outages and new service hook-ups within 24 hours notice.