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Classes of Fire ~134 KB

Details regarding a universal system to describe different types of fires. 

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The City of Marshall Fire Department operates with a Fire Chief, a staff of seven  career - 3 Captains, 3 Lieutenants, 1 Firefighter,  and 16 Paid-On-Call - 1 Sergeant, 13 Firefighters, and 3 Auxiliary Firefighters. The Director handles all administrative operations, while the Captains oversee operations on a daily basis.

Throughout the year, firefighters are involved in various fire prevention activities which include industrial and commercial fire inspections; fire safety programs for school children, seniors, and civic organizations; and a city-wide residential smoke detector program which provides free detectors and batteries. Firefighters conduct tours of the station for school children and other groups who are learning about fire prevention and firefighting, or just want to look at the fire trucks.

Marshall Fire Department continues to improve operations, including the construction of a new facility in 2015.  This station houses a medical squad, an engine, a rescue pumper, an aerial truck, and Marshall's first motorized fire engine - a1918 American LaFrance. The Fire Department is very active in training to ensure that all personnel are prepared to handle emergency situations and improve firefighting skills.  Firefighter training is conducted twice, and medical training once each month.  The Fire Department's mission is to provide the most efficient and progressive fire service possible, making Marshall a safe community in which to live, work, and visit. Marshall Fire Department personnel are committed to doing all that is possible to save lives and property through fire prevention, education, and training.