March 23, 2023

Next Meeting

City Council Meeting

Monday April 3, 2023

7 pm in the County Board of Commission Chambers, Marshall County Building, 315 W Green St Room 3-C08

 Click here for a notice regarding a change in venue

Click here for a notice regarding Ordinance 2023-07- Marihuana Odor

Council Resources

Conflicts of Interest Policy ~35 KB
City Charter ~435 KB

City of Marshall Charter - Revised November 8, 2016.

Board/Committee Application ~163 KB
City Council Meeting Guidelines ~84 KB

This document is meant to give our citizens a general guideline on proper conduct at a City Council meeting

City of Marshall Mission Statement ~72 KB
2023 City Council Meeting Dates ~122 KB
FY 2023 PROPOSED Budget ~30810 KB
Economic Development Strategic Plan ~481 KB
2022 Boards/Commissions Listing ~32 KB
Income Tax Feasibility Study Council Presentation ~2313 KB

Presentation presented to City Council by John Kaczor of Muncipal Analytics on August 18, 2014.

Council Rules of Procedure adopted December 7, 2020 ~134 KB
2019 City Visioning, Goals, & Objectives ~316 KB